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Affordable SEO Katy Pricing Plans

Affordable SEO Katy pricing plans


One-Time Charge
Best for Existing Websites With NO or OLD SEO
One time charge – best for existing WordPress websites that want to increase company visibility thru Page One keywords
20 Primary Keywords/Phrases
More info/Buy
Ideal for larger websites
This plan is great for websites with 30+ pages
50 Primary Keywords/Phrases
Google Search Console Setup
XML Sitemap Setup
XML Sitemap Submission
Robots.text Setup and Optimization
SSL Certification Check
Optimize Title Tags
Optimize Meta Descriptions
Optimize Image Alt Tags
Heading Tag Optimization
XML Sitemap Optimization
URL optimization
301 Page Redirects
Compress Image Sizes
Page Speed Optimization


Be On Google’s Page One Or Be Invisible.

Leveraging your unique benefits and standing out among your competitors matters the most for your business ranking.
We offer highly professional SEO services to achieve this goal. Katy SEO Solutions constantly strives to keep up with Google’s ever-changing search algorithms. This task is difficult for seasoned SEO professionals and almost impossible for website owners. An owner’s time is far more valuable in doing what keeps the business’ MRR (monthly recurring revenue) on track. 

Affordable SEO Katy Pricing Plans Details

All three affordable SEO Katy pricing plans include our SEO tools, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics.



Keyword selection is the first item on all three of our new affordable local Katy SEO pricing plan projects.
Our SEO team will research and choose the appropriate keywords for your plan package.
Choosing the right keywords is crucial for any business trying to improve its online visibility and attract more traffic to your website. 


Analyze Your Competitors

Analyzing your competitors is an effective way to find the right keywords for your business. First, we look at the keywords they use on their website and in their content. Then, competitive keyword analysis gives us an idea of what keywords work well in your industry and what keywords to target. This keyword analysis can help identify gaps in your present keyword strategy and find new opportunities to target. By analyzing your competitors’ keywords, we can also understand what topics and themes are prevalent in your industry.
Understanding specific technical and topical subjects peculiar to a niche marketplace can help create relevant and valuable content for the target audience. Additionally, we can use this information to optimize your website and improve your search engine rankings. While learning from your competitors is essential, we also strive to differentiate your offerings and find unique keywords and phrases that set your business apart. 


Website Audits

Your website’s performance will be tracked daily and audited using our SEO tools. These audits allow our SEO team to implement any needed corrections promptly.
We offer a free website audit report that is useful before starting your project. While not as in-depth as the audit used to begin your project, it is sufficient for website owners to understand the current condition of the website.


Each client is sent multiple SEO reports at the end of each month.
These reports will include a work summary for the current month, website analytics reports, and ranking reports.


Be On Google’s Page One or be INVISIBLE!


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